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Advantages of Community Insurance

    - Cover the risks that jeopardize the habitability and comfort which all communities must provide to their owners and families.
    - Flexibility to adapt to each community´s needs.
    - Possibility of insuring community furniture.

    Plus all these benefits
    - Legal protection/claims for damages.
    - The option to lower the premium with excess.
    - Automatic adjustment of insured sums and premiums.
    - Coverage of the proportional amount of property co-owned with another community
Basic Covers Optional Covers
Material damages to the community building and furniture
  • Fire, smoke, impacts, explosion and lightning.
  • Acts of vandalism.
  • Electrical damages.
  • Risks due to natural disasters.
  • Flooding.
  • Spillage from automatic fire extinguisher installations.
  • Damage to underground pipes.
  • Theft, robbery and damages.
  • Aesthetic restoration of building and contents.
The product offers competitive benefits in all aspects, in terms of the scope of cover and of application and competitive rates.
  • Broken windows.
  • Non-payment of community quotas.
  • Water damage.
  • Civil liability and bail.
  • Civil Liability of the governing board.
  • Machinery Damage.
  • Individual accidents.
  • Employee Dishonesty.
  • Legal Protection/Claims for damages.

Costs relating to material damages.
Demolition and debris clear up costs.
Firefighting costs.
Mud cleaning costs.
File restoration.
Community assistance: 24 hours for claims.
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